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Apporttech is a mission compulsive, technology oriented organization serving multiple services from web development to mobile applications and games. Connect with us and be well informed.


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    Web Solutions

    Business-to-Business (B2B)

    Custom B2B applications web improvement administrations are incredible interest overall, owing to their gigantic income winning possibilities. B2B programming's permit organizations to coordinate a significant number of their methods like bookkeeping, charging, and index administration etc. Not just B2B web advancement spare important use on staff, but additionally gives you a chance to focus on your center capabilities all the more successfully.

    Some of the benefits businesses get after they have adopted B2B web development strategy:

    • A new target group also means additional revenue
    • Higher transaction value through business purchases
    • Increased brand awareness through an additional channel

    Business-to-Consumer (B2C)

    A definitive objective of B2C showcasing is to change over customers into purchasers as forcefully and reliably as could be allowed. B2C organizations utilize all the more marketing exercises like coupons, presentations, store fronts and offers to lure the target business sector to purchase.

    • Increased Awareness
    • Customer Retention
    • Better Interaction
    • Better Service
    • Refined Messaging

    Business Process Automation

    In Business Process Automation web development, we target the manual system and try to automate it by having the manual system on website. This business process automation can be done through CMS Web development where all your system along with your data will be computerized so that you can manage it.

    • Manage loads of data easily.
    • Time effective
    • Business is publicize through web based CMS
    • Chance of expanding business
    • New visitor generates more revenue

    Enterprise Management System

    Maximize you ROI to the fullest with our Enterprise Management System. It helps you to coordinate all your business resources, information and activities required to complete business processes. With our Enterprise Management solutions you can incorporates all departments and functions onto one system that can cater to the needs of the whole company, whether it is bookkeeping & accounting, planning production, human resource management or supply-chain management. Better management of resources.

    Further benefits of Enterprise Management includes:

    • Increasing productivity
    • Business operation transparency
    • Customer satisfaction because of quick delivery
    • Instantaneous activation of the decision centers
    • Decreasing burden on middle level management and so on.

    Customer Relation Management

    Get connected to your customers in the best possible way! Every client varies when it is about demands and potential. With our Customer relationship management solutions you can easily maintain and treat your customers taking in consideration their employed service packages as well as give them individualized attention. Plus, our solutions keep you aware of your employees regarding your customer information, be it appointments, sales opportunities, delivery notes, correspondence, orders, tasks, complaints, or projects in order to provide them with the right solutions.

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