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Apporttech is a mission compulsive, technology oriented organization serving multiple services from web development to mobile applications and games. Connect with us and be well informed.


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    ApportTech is not just a typical app and game development company. It is an award-winning panel of best-in-field designers and developers who can devise the ideal solutions for your e-business needs.

    B2B and B2C Cloud Base Application

    The client was planning to have a B2B and B2C app that would help building a strong bond between businesses and its customers worldwide for mutual benefit.Our main challenges were to manage streams of usersand ensure flawless functionalities of this app. Also, we have to make this app fast, reliable and extremely user-friendly.Despiteof facing these challenges, we handled project professionally and eventually produced a high quality end-product that lived up to the client's expectation.

    Deals Finder Application

    The idea behind this app was to provide students across the city, a platform to search the discount offers nearby. They can student discounts and specials along with free rewards every day.Our quick and effective development process and close association with design allowed for rapid prototyping. We, for this app, designed visually rich and fun interface, with the prime focus on delightful user experiences. The end-product was an appealing, interactive and productive app.

    Cata Executive Car

    Cata Executive Car is a responsive website developed with high quality Calculator, Content Management System allowing client to do regular updateson the website.From chauffeured services for business travel to private aviation to meetings and events and road shows, the client's company provides custom services according to its users'needs.We carefully craft this website bit by bit. The result was a great looking, user friendly website that create trust with its polished and professional look.

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    Responsive; CMS website

    Raveco Medical was basically our web development projects. Raveco Medical website exhibits a clinic where Obstetrics and Gynecology practices are provided. Whether it is about proper guidance about family planning to young parents or any issue related to menopause, they handle all. From idea generation to website designing & development, every bit of the process was done in an organized way.The upshot was a beautifully designed website offering spark conversations. The deadlines were met and perfection is achieved.

    Face shape detecting tool

    This app is an extremely helpful product for the hairstylist, as it makes finding the right hairstyle that suits your client the most,a breeze! In Saijojo face shape tool, each hairstyle is uniquely adjusted to the client's face. Just two weeks after getting released, this app got a great number of downloads. The main challenge was how to make this app cost-effective. Being inspired by this challenge thatthe app posed, we craftedan entirelydifferent process that led to a beyond expectations app.

    Video Zooming Application

    The client wanted to make his users capture the other corner of your room smoothly. Our challengeshere, were: to ensure the absence ofjitters or jumps in the camera with this app, keep the screen from getting pixilated and make this app work well with thefirearm scope, crossbow scope, pistol scope, spotting scope, telescope and more, when attached with your Smartphone. Keeping the above challenges in mind, we streamlined our approach accordingly and delivered a productive app.


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